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Top 4 Restaurants in Coorg

Coorg offers a picturesque sight of its magnificent destinations and landscapes, but the destination lies in its savory food. This attractive hill station is a dream destination for the traveling junkies as well as they just admire this area a lot. Allow’s list down the amazing restaurants in Coorg that you can not overlook at all.


1. Hotel Neel Sagar



The pure vegan restaurant Neel Sagar is located in Madikeri. Measured among the best dining establishment in Coorg, Hotel Neel Sagar dining establishment serves the very best North Indian as well as South Indian cuisine. Together with the sun increases, the hotel Neel Sagar burnishes towards the travelers that enthusiastically waiting for morning breakfast as well as who are geared up for sightseeing and tour.
Among the recommended recipes, the South Indian Thali, Dosa’s as well as its fruit salad is something that mostly targeted by visitors. The restaurant is additionally packed Tiffin in contemptible prices. The solution and the employee of the Resort Neel Sagar are well prompt, affable and also full of endurance.


2. Caravan



In the midst of the most popular restaurants, unwind and unrivaled environment of the Campers Restaurant is thought about as one of the most popular restaurants in Coorg. The multi food, great eating restaurant of the Caravan has every preference from throughout the world. It’s extremely innovative and valued interior with substantial casement that neglects the radiating Church Street.
The restaurant is positioned in the heart of the town, the Campers restaurant serves the most elegant morning meal, lunch as well as dinner where it’s Chicken Satay, Spicy Dicy Poultry or Murg Musallam as well as vegan meals like Oriental Vegetables in Butter Garlic Sauce with steamed rice or noodles are amazing. The restaurant additionally tenders North Indian foods.


3. Raintree


Raintree in Coorg


Put in the middle of the greenery, Raintree restaurant is enclosed by unclear hills. Its breathtakingly beautiful ambiance can attraction anybody anytime where the responsive temperament of the team as well as Cook of the dining establishment is notable.
The multi-cuisine restaurant forenamed Raintree doles out an impressive Indian, Chinese Vegetarian as well as Non vegetarian food, Indian Punjabi, Indian Continental and also varieties from Mughlai cuisine of Coastal delicacies. Amongst its advised Cuisine Pepper Poultry, Chemmen Thenga Ularthu, Ghee Chicken, Mutton Biryani, Allepey Prawn Curry, Chicken/Mutton Stew, Meen Moilee are simply several of an appealing recipe. In addition to all these, different drinks as well as sea-food plates are also well-known.


4. Athithi


Athithi in Coorg


Amongst one of the most well-known dining establishment in Coorg, undeniably Athithi restaurant is taken into consideration as one of the most renowned pure vegetarian’s dining establishments in Coorg. In a specific local strategy, the pure vegan dining establishment Athithi offers its fragrance food on banana leaves. Though the dining establishment shows up in an earsplitting ambiance and rebuff of enthusiasm, the dining establishment has its very own magnetism in the direction of the visitor’s yet the bistro maintains its cleanliness with its utmost.
An authentic South India vegan menu makes up Dosa’s, Rava, Masala Dosa, Idlis with a cup of the South-Indian famous pressure coffee, the restaurant offers the very best vegetarian food in a cost-effective rate.


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